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You CAN learn to build professional websites with WordPress!

Building A Community Of Learners

WordPress4Anyone is not a one-time WordPress course. It is a continual learning program with new content added every week and a place where people from all over can come together and help each other grow their skills. 

Live Weekly Training

Every Monday night we host a live stream lesson for our members that covers everything from general web design concepts to WordPress functionality to popular themes and plugins. The best part is that members get to vote on what they are interested in learning next!


Community Support

The most important part of this program is community support. Everyone starting out needs help at one point or another. Our goal is to create a nurturing environment where members help members and we all become successful in reaching our web design goals. 

Idea Development

Even though you don't have to learn to write code to build professional websites, we still love writing code. That's why beginning in 2021 we're going to start building plugins and addons for WordPress and popular plugins to help make your web development even better. The best part is that members will get anything we build for WordPress... FREE!

Free Weekly Premium Products

Everyone loves free stuff, right? We're doing everything we can to make your web development process successful and that includes saving you money by providing access to premium (paid) themes and plugins absolutely free! 

It Just Keeps Getting Better!

We are constantly adding to our content through our weekly live streamed training sessions. However, we have been adding content since June of 2020. As our community grows we will see more and more content added both in the private Facebook group as well as our member's section.

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Continual Learning That Costs Less Than Netflix

You can sit around and waste your time and money binge watching your favorite shows. Or for less than a Netflix subscription, you can start down the road to learning a new skill that can actually put money back in your pocket. Choose one of our easy payment options below to get started learning how to build professional websites with WordPress!







What Members Are Saying

Your training has been very helpful. I am learning all this for the first time. I am an assistant pastor and a lot of my ministry has become IT driven, web driven due to covid19. I am also enjoying it personally a lot. ~ Aaron L.

OmG thanks so much! I am finally dedicating myself to WordPress building so this is a blessing thx ~ Crystal W.